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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Another February Day

It's one of those days where my house is a mess, and I know I have to do some cleaning today, but I'm all whiney and I really really don't want to do it! haha! It's really just the living room and kitchen/dining room, but blah! There are so many toys all over the living room, which is easy enough to clean up, but once Lexi gets back out there, everything will be all over the place again! Maybe it's time to teach her to put her toys away with me. Hmmm...

On another note, I just gave her chocolate milk for the first time. It sounded good to me, so I made some, and when I gave her her milk for breakfast, I put a little in hers too. She LOVES it! But who wouldn't, right?? I don't plan on giving it to her often, because obviously its not as good for her as white milk, and she drinks white milk no problem. But it's a nice treat every now and then! I love the reactions she has to trying new things though! She's pretty open to trying new things. For now anyway.

Oh yeah, and we have yet another winter storm on its way. :( So sick of this! Where are you Spring?!?! My SIL and BIL are supposed to be coming down from MI this weekend to my ILs house, along with one of M's cousins whom I've only met once before, who is coming from PA. I just hope everyone makes it this weekend and its not a total let down. I love these long weekends with the family! Although they are made a little better in warmer weather.

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