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Monday, February 7, 2011

Day after the Superbowl

So, my Steelers lost last night...I'm ok with it though. They didn't start out playing Superbowl quality football. If they hadn't had 3 turnovers (all of which GB scored on) and so many penalties, they would have won the game easy. I was happy to see what I call the "3rd Quarter Steelers" come out to play! They are always so strong in the 3rd...that's where the game really started.

On to other things. I have to share this! When I fed my daughter lunch yesterday, she was eating her chicken nuggets one minute, and the next...well, you'll see!

I got my IC's from Amazon in the mail yesterday, but I won't be starting to test for about 3 weeks. Lame. I hate these long cycles! Not only does it cut my chances of concieving throughout the year by 25%, but I don't think I have a very strong ovulation either. I honestly can't wait to start Clomid again in April (hopefully). I took it for 6 cycles when I was trying to get pregnant the first time. It didn't work, but when I moved on to Femara, I finally got my BFP!  But even with all the hot flashes and other side effects, I have a feeling it will work this time!!

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