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Saturday, February 12, 2011

A MUCH Better Mood

Well my anti-February bad attitude has turned to cautious optimism, even excitement that I woke up to 30 degrees this morning! It's supposed to be above freezing, even getting up to 50 by Friday!! Woo hoo!! This is what I have been waiting for! I know that's a lot of exclamation points, but give me a break. I need to get outside. I have absolutely no motivation to do any kind of exercise indoors, and I need it. Badly. I want to go for walks and to the park with Lexi. And I know this quick warm up will make all the snow melt messy, but it's a start!!

I think Alexa will enjoy the park this year SO much more than last year, even though she really enjoyed it then! She is now able to walk on her own, will probably be running by the time we get to go on a regular basis. I'm even hoping she will be able to tell me what she wants to do. She recently just started chatting a lot and when I think about it, she really knows quite a few words for a 14 month old. She knows: hi, bye, hello, momma, dadda, go, dog, circle, and a lot of animal noises like: woof woof, meow, grrrr (for a bear), quack quack, and she says oooh ahhh oooh ahhh for monkey. She also says "I love you"...sometimes haha.

I can't wait for the days when I can have conversations with her, and she tells me what she wants, what she likes or doesn't like, how she feels. On the other hand, I miss the little baby that I brought home from the hospital that needed me for everything. But it's amazing to watch her grow up, learn new things, and become more independent. I just hope I'm doing a good job teaching her.

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