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Friday, March 18, 2011

CD47 and counting

Just like in the song "Unchained Melody", time is going slowly. I am to the point that I just want it to be April so I can:
     A. Get some provera to kickstart my period and then start clomid, or
     B. O or get AF so that something is happening again! I think at this point if AF comes, I will give the doctor a call and see if I can just get going on the meds now instead of waiting another 47+ days.

But for now, I'm at a standstill, and it sucks. But I can hardly complain when the weather has been great these last few days, and A and I have been able to go out and play and go for walks! She is so fun this year, walking around like the big girl she is! She loves to swing and go down the slides! It's amazing just to watch her explore. She is getting to be so independent, which is great on one hand, but on the other, it makes me long for the little baby that used to depend on me, and need me for just about everything. I think that's why it warms my heart so much when she stops and grabs for my hand when she needs to take that big step over the barrier to get into the sand!

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